About The Brewhouse

The Brew House tries as much as it can to live up to the lofty ideal floated underneath the title: We write for writing’s sake.

We hope to produce fresh, insightful, thoughtful and (maybe) funny blogs as often as possible. From pop culture to travel to sports (and too often random nostalgia), this is a place for writing… and reading.

Rustin Dodd: Kansas Citian. Writer. And basketball purist.

Born in Overland Park. Live in Lawrence. Love Kansas City.

Mark and I founded the Brew House back in 2009 — essentially so we could write 3,000-word essays about things like Rucker Park, Chuck Taylor and the ridiculousness of phonebooks. Two years later, the blog has almost died (twice, actually) but this place has somehow also been honored in the back of Best American Sports Writing — ostensibly, we’re guessing, because the editors didn’t bother to check out the actual site.

Anyway, I’m big into jogging, pass-first point guards, dive bars, Buck O’Neil, tennis matches between Federer and Nadal, reading, writing, and when the time is right I love sitting around and doing nothing.

During most days, I’m a reporter — and I spend part of my time writing about sports for The Kansas City Star. But, full disclosure, this blog has nothing to do with The Star or any other jobs I might have.

Asher Fusco: I’m a KU grad and native of Wichita, Kansas. I work as a marketing copywriter in New York City and live in Brooklyn. I’ve been a huge fan of the work of both Rustin and Mark dating back to our days at the estimable William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, so I’m honored to post my ramblings at The Brew House. When I’m not writing for work or for leisure, I love to watch basketball, run, bike, listen to music, and generally have a great time.

Likes: Pitchers’ duels; high-scoring football games; basketball games of any kind; strong coffee; wayfarer sunglasses; a good turkey sandwich; Selection Sunday; sincerity; late nights; early mornings; Kansas.

Dislikes: Grapefruit juice, pessimism.

Mark Dent: I’m Midwest for life and hope that I exhibit all the great qualities that go along with such an upbringing. I live in State College, Pa., right now, but Kansas City will always be my home.

I’m a writer, runner, amateur stand-up comedian/improviser and hope to succeed at something I love doing for the rest of my life (read, writing and/or comedy).


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