Happy Birthday, MJ

Today he turns 47.

Yes. 47. It’s hard to believe.

Michael Jordan is 47. Say that one more time. Doesn’t it sound weird?

Now, ask yourself these three questions.

1. Who is the greatest baseball player of all time?
2. Who is the greatest football player of all time?
3. Who is the greatest basketball player of all time?

The answers?

1. Pause… (thinking) Hmm… Maybe Mays. Maybe Ruth. Maybe Aaron. What about Williams? And DiMaggio? And Mantle? What about Josh Gibson? What about pitchers? Do we count them? And so on.

2. Pause… (thinking) Hmm. Jim Brown? Joe Montana? Rice? Elway? Unitas? A defensive player? Lawrence Taylor? And so on.

3. Michael Jordan

You see, there is never any pause with that third question. You don’t have to pause. You don’t have to think. It’s MJ. His Airness. Michael Jeffery Jordan.

So here’s the question: Will we ever have to think? Will there ever be another?

Well, maybe. In fact, probably. But I like to think there won’t be. It’s a little more fun that way.

Happy Birthday, MJ…

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