Here comes another month. Holidays and Christmas trees and drives down Ward Parkway with the fountains iced over. Kansas City becomes a different kind of city in December. Darkness comes early. And the people in this town focus on the good parts, forgetting about the long winter ahead.

They pack inside basketball gyms across the metro, in Columbia and Lawrence, too… the sound of squeaking shoes and whistles providing a distraction from the changes going on outside. They converge on Crown Center, and the Plaza, and in the places in between. And they stay home when the snow reaches their ankles.

It’s December in Kansas City, and now that it’s here, here’s a six-haiku ode to another year in the greatest cowtown in the world. 


Musty gyms. Popcorn.

Pep bands blasting out fight songs

High school basketball


Hear Mariah Carey

Walk through the stolid aisles

The curse of shopping


G-chat. Facebook. Click.

Time for looking up old friends

Frosty nostalgia


Dark beer and eggnog

Sipping by the brick fireplace

Feeling full and warm


Glowing plaza lights

Westport under drifts of snow

A round at Hoopers


Month of December

Slow, cold fade to the finish

Time to start over


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