The Sounds of March

I love pep-band music.

No, really, I love pep-band music. It’s one of my favorites things about basketball, one of my favorites things about college, one of my favorite things about life.

And of all the months of the year, March is THE month for pep-band music. Parents and students and fans are packing gyms across the country for high school state tournaments*. And the NCAA Tournament field was unveiled on Sunday. And this means that pep bands will be blasting out their renditions for the better part of the next month.

*Spent two days in Columbia at the Missouri state basketball tournament last weekend. The coolest song I heard a pep band play: Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

 In honor of March Madness, here’s a collection of the best pep-band songs I could find on YouTube — with a hat tip to Pablo S. Torre.

1. So first, for obviously reasons, we’ll start with a band from VCU playing “Rolling in the Deep.”

2. Next up: Here’s George Mason’s band playing “All of the Lights”

3. A personal favorite: The Duke band playing Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch.”

4. And finally… not sure of the year, but here’s an old-school version of some Beach Boys.


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