Bill Walton on Boris Diaw is still a call for the ages

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 3.51.44 PM

Bill Walton served as the color commentator for the Missouri-UCLA game on ESPN on Friday night. It was Walton’s first time on air in some time — he’s apparently been battling health issues — and it turned into a perfect symphony of basketball and poetry.

Walton, calling a game in the same building in which he played in college, was in rare form. Missouri guard Phil Pressey, who had 19 assists, was, according to Walton, a breathtaking savant of basketball genius, a sight to behold, a glorious revelation of playmaking and poise, a gift for all-time. (OK. That’s sort of what he said.)

It all reminded me of the greatest call in the history of basketball… ever.

Bill Walton on Boris Diaw:



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