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It starts with breakfast. Breakfast in a hostel. A hostel in Paris. Paris in the summer.

We had been traveling for five or six days, give or take a town. We would travel for five or six more, my brother and I following the EuroRail map from Annecy to Nice to the Cinque Terre and back.

But that’s a story for a different time. This is a story about breakfast. And you probably know that breakfast in a Paris hostel consists of about three things. Bread and cheese and… and maybe water. That’s it. This particular hostel had a tiny room for the travelers to eat. It had faded wallpaper, and frilly curtains on the windows, and white table cloths from 1981. My brother and I sat down at the table and surveyed the spread.

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Random post note: So this is a blog post about a strange roommate myself and normal others encountered during our time as summer interns in Indianapolis. I was talking about Indy not long ago and decided that I needed to write this before I forgot some of the best details. Enjoy!

Indianapolis must have the fewest apartments of any city in America, and this cannot be disputed. I discovered this FACT in the spring of 2009.

I would be living there that summer for work at a newspaper, and three other interns – DeAntae, Justin and Jake – and I planned to live together. Through e-mails, we decided we could find the perfect place through the magic of Craigslist.

And Craigslist, in a way, is magic. You look on Craigslist* for free and then boom! You have a place to stay for the summer and hopefully not a serial rapist/axe murderer/mountain lion waiting at the door for you when you move in. And if you do, well, at least the place might come with one of those toasters that can heat FOUR pieces of bread at once. Continue reading

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