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Unsolicited Endorsements: XVI

Because sometimes you just want friends to tell you about cool things… the Brew House team offers up its weekly mix of author-supported goodness.

Drink: MexiCoke

Here in Texas, and I suppose anywhere that might have a large Hispanic population, or even at one of those hardcore grocery stores along the lines of Whole Foods or Wild Oats, we are fortunate to have MexiCoke, the Mexican version of Coke. I thank the Lord for this creation.

Let me say this first: I love pop/soda or whatever you want to call it. Ever since I more or less gave it up in high school because I was brainwashed into thinking it would make be a better runner,* pop has been a luxury. I drink it maybe two or three times a week and look forward to it the same way I do a great meal, perhaps more so on really sunny, hot days.

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#MusicMonday: VIII

Every Monday morning. Music so good… it must be shared.

This week: “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” — Wilco, from the album, “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” 

Late Saturday night, I finally saw the Sam Jones documentary, “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco.” (It’s streaming on Netflix.) It depicts the process of recording “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”, which included some infighting between Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett and the band getting dropped from their label before the album’s release. With an ode to Garth Algar: If you’re gonna stream, stream this. 

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Music and 2011

About three months ago, on a clear and cool night in early September, I made the short trip to Midtown to watch Bon Iver play at the Uptown Theatre. (That makes sense if you live in KC.)

On most nights, this would seem like a pretty simple plan.

Drive to said show. Sip a beer and act sufficiently curious during the opening act. Experience the concert. And then head back out into the Kansas City night, content, inspired, ready for more music.

The circumstances of this night, however, were something different. After planning for a couple weeks to go with two friends, life interfered in the days leading up to the show, and I was left with two extra tickets.

The Uptown was sold out that night, and I knew this. So I knew it wouldn’t be a problem to unload the extra tickets at the last minute, but I also felt a little hesitant about going to the show by myself.

Do people do this? I thought.

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