Unsolicited Endorsements: XIX

Because sometimes you just want friends to tell you about cool things… the Brew House team offers up its weekly mix of author-supported goodness.

Endorsement: Joe Posnanski’s commenters

A few months ago, Joe Posnanski disallowed comments on his blog, one of the few blogs I consistently frequent. Normally, I don’t read too many comments, aside from perhaps the first five or six after a story on most website, and I rarely comment on any piece of work. Posnanski’s website is different. I always read the comments, and I’ve commented a few times as well.

But, yes, a few months ago, Posnanski removed the comments section from his blog. He was justified for doing so.  In a post, he wrote about a particularly malicious comment he had to delete, which the commenter then just rewrote no more than a few minutes later. He decided to suspend the comments section because he wouldn’t have time to moderate.  A blog without comments is like an SNL episode without “Weekend Update.” It just doesn’t happen.

His readers realized this. A few apparently VOLUNTEERED to monitor the comments for him so the section could return.

As Asher wrote the other day, the Internet, in some ways, has sapped some of the sincerity from our lives, a topic Posanski touched on in his blog titled “The Olive Garden” He didn’t mention that his blog is one of the few places you can read about sincerity on the Inter Webs – in his posts and by his commenters. Here are a few:

Posnanski has his own little corner of the Internet, a community where people freely express their feelings. And I’m glad it’s back. — Mark Dent


Song: “Do The Trick” — Dr. Dog

Sometimes a band comes along, a band that’s been around for years, and you wonder how you’re just hearing about them now. I suppose this happens a lot. There’s a (eff)-ton of music out there. But this is how my relationship began with Dr. Dog. Now, this:

This song, “Do The Trick” was on the band’s latest release, “Be The Void,” released in early February. Enjoy. — Rustin Dodd

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