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The Theory of Moderation (Or how I learned to rip things): Volume II

Back a couple months ago, I mentioned this story. It’s about this old maxim my brother used to say. I’m pretty sure he didn’t come up with it. At least, I don’t think he did. But I always think about it whenever I feel guilty about doing something.

The quote, in and of itself, is about moderation. But really, it’s about everything else.

“I live my life by the theory of everything in moderation,” he would say. “But to truly live out this creed, you also have to exercise moderation in moderation. So, every once and a while, you have to embrace extreme debauchery.”

I always liked these words. 

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Walk Like An Egyptian

The Egyptian journalist Mona Elthaway appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher a week ago. She has written for publications from Toronto to D.C. to Denmark to Israel, mainly about issues in the Middle East, and on her website, she calls herself a proud, liberal Muslim.

Elthaway came on the show during the middle of the history. What had simmered for a long time on Facebook and Twitter fomented into 18 loud days of demonstration. Her views embodied the spirit of the people jumping and shouting on our TV screens. Continue reading

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