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One last song in Kansas City

It was the last week of classes, maybe a Wednesday, a warm spring morning in Lawrence, Kansas. I had a week left of college — well, technically, a couple days of classes and then finals — and I had promised my editor at the school paper that I’d file a farewell column that afternoon.

I can’t exactly remember what else I had going on that day. That night would be a party for our last night of production at the student newspaper, and I felt like maybe I had something else to do as well. In any event, I wanted to sit down and write that column. I had an idea of what I wanted to write, and I had already pieced it together in my head, but I needed a solid chunk of time. Maybe two hours or so. That should do it, I told myself.

I also had a class that morning at 9 a.m. … Journalism Ethics.

Too bad, I thought. I went to the library and started writing.

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Living Kansas City

I’ll be moving soon. Only have a few months left. New role at work. New responsibility. I’ll actually be living on my own for the first time*.

*As I type this, I realize this is not actually true. When I was a freshman in college, I lived with my brother to save money. And then he moved out the last couple months. Geez. That was a while ago.

Sure, moving to Lawrence, Kan., a place I have already lived for four years of my life is not exactly moving to Chicago or Dallas or Denver. But nonetheless, I’m moving, leaving Kansas City*, heading one county over.

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