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Marathon (Pt. 2)

When I wrote this a few months ago, I intended it to be a one-off appreciation of the New York City Marathon — the way it boils down sport, human nature and the complications of this city to something simple, pure and moving.

Turns out that was just Part One of what will be a three-post series. Last month, I registered to run the 2012 New York City Marathon. It will be my first marathon and most definitely not my last.

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At Mile 7, an older woman read the shirts as they sped past.

“Go Juan! Go Michael! Go David! Go Julio! Go‚ĶPeru!”


Two blocks south, a stout policewoman stood atop the raised median of Fourth Avenue, her uniform a blue-black silhouette against a brown Best Western wall.

Her hands swayed from waist- to chest-level as she issued a slow and steady clap for the droves streaming past on either side.

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